Southern Minnesota Select and ETS Performance Join Forces

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Southern Minnesota Select and ETS Performance announced today that ETS Performance will become the title sponsor for Southern Minnesota Select and becomes the club’s first-ever jersey sponsor. ETS will also be the main sponsor for the Southern Minnesota Selects Girls College ID Camp held annually in June.

This is a great fit for both Select and ETS because they share the same core values: Both programs are designed for all athletes, at any ability level, and both focus on continued player development.

The ETS Performance logo will be solely featured on the front of the team’s game-day jerseys and will also be present on the team’s website and social media channels.


Select Player Testimonials about ETS:

“I am an alumni and coach for the Southern Minnesota Select Soccer club. This past summer I trained with Jake and the team at ETS to prepare me for this upcoming fall soccer season at Eau Claire. The results from training with the team at ETS are endless. ETS has not only prepared me for another soccer season, but I saw extreme results in my speed and strength once the collegiate soccer season began. ETS is something I looked forward to every morning because it was not only making me a better athlete, but I was also made a better person with my best friends by my side each day. You can always count on Jake and the ETS Fam to be your biggest supporters and know that they will push you harder and harder every day. I cannot thank Jake enough for what he did for me this summer in preparation for my collegiate soccer season. If there was one piece of advice I would give to the future athletes of ETS, it would be that you get out what you put in, approach each day with a positive attitude and ready to work and it
will be the best experience!” – Kylie VerNess – UW Eau Claire Soccer

“I joined ETS to get stronger and increase my speed for both soccer and track. I have been in the program for over a year and within the first month of being there, I very quickly saw improvement. Playing college soccer now and competing against girls up to 5 years older than me, the strength that I have built up allows me to hold my own on the field. Additionally, I am able to utilize my speed and ETS is the reason for it. Between the people and the community, the program has built an atmosphere that is really special right when you walk through the door. Jake, Hank, and all the other coaches there make you a better athlete, both physically and mentally each time you leave the building which is why I love it. It is such an amazing place to train with even better people, I can’t wait to be back! – Addison Clarey, Minnesota State Mankato Soccer

“I have been a part of ETS for years now and they have been a huge part of my athletic journey! The entire ETS Family has done nothing but support me and push me to be my best. They helped me recover from a tremendous injury and they guided me back to strength so I could come back better, and I did. I could never thank them enough! I am SO thankful for the entire ETS Family. I truly would not be the person and athlete I am today without them!!” – Jordan Oelkers, Gustavus Adolphus Soccer

“When I first became a member at ETS in high school, I had goals to improve my strength and  speed to help prepare myself to play at the collegiate level. ETS has undoubtedly helped me achieve those goals! Even through an ACL injury, I saw massive strides in my rehab progress with the help of ETS. They helped me gain the physical and mental strength to get back on the field the best I could be. At ETS, you are held accountable every day to the highest standard while having fun doing it. The amazing atmosphere the coaches create, and the constant encouragement and support makes ETS one of my favorite places to be! I’m so grateful for my time with ETS and I would not be where I am today without the amazing staff!” – Sera Speltz, Northern State University Soccer