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About Southern Minnesota Select

The Southern Minnesota Select is a 501(c)(3) non-profit female only youth soccer organization based out of Southern Minnesota near Rochester, Minnesota. Our Program focuses on positively impacting the soccer environment and to assist in maximizing youth player development across Southeast Minnesota. We value individual development of players over winning trophies and titles.

Our program features combined age groups where identified players can "play up" within the club structure, as encouraged by U.S. Soccer.

Our Mission

To build a leading sustainable development model that grows the number of players that develop a life-long passion for the game by providing enhanced opportunities for all players regardless of age or ability. To be the leader in teaching players about life lessons, having high expectations and positive character traits such as good sportsmanship, fair play, team importance, doing one’s best, never giving up, respecting opponents and officials, and honor of the game.

Playing / Coaching Philosophy

For all  teams, Select leverages a blend of team and pool training which allows players to fully develop their skills as a player.

The pool training concept is introduced at these younger ages as a way to ensure the implementation of consistent and high quality training platforms across age groups. 

Training in a pool shifts the focus away from team success and forces the emphasis to be placed on individual player development. While the ratio of pool to team training will vary throughout the calendar year, there will be an increased focus on pool training during the winter months.

Players will be placed in pools according to their skill level with the understanding that players develop at different rates. Increased competition, improved training satisfaction, and accelerated player development are all by-products of the pool training environment.